Cheap Graphic Design

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Yes there are people cheaper than me. If I could maybe I would but then again you have a certain price in your head that gets you to work everyday too. Would you go to work for less? There is a stigma in the creative field regarding pay. Since the arts are viewed more as a dream job and not office work.

“It will be good exposure” “It’s not work if it’s what you love” “I can just get it online” How many times have you gone to a restaurant and told the server. I could get this at home, my wife cooks? If you have... you’re a dick. The client tends to view it as art or just doesn’t understand the value. If you hire me to do your social as advertising. Let’s consider a couple of things • What is your sales goal for the year? • How important is your brand? • Is digital your only source of marketing? Okay let’s just use round numbers and say you said a $5,000 daily x 52 weeks=260,000. (I know there are expenses etc.) so you’re telling me you made all of that by word of mouth and for under 10% of what you made. Give me the name of your social media guy! That’s a steal or a gamble that paid off. Let me put it in a different way.

If you break your arm and the price difference between two doctors is a 50% gap you have to wonder a little... right?

Like what am i getting. So me as a potential customer sees your page and think... okay cool product, something i could use. Let’s look at their story, “ew looks cheaply made and doesn’t match the rest. I start to think they cheeped out on the actual product and paid for good branding once. What else do they cheap out on? So i scroll through the page a little more to see if they can sell me. Their posts are all over the place and missing really what was selling me in their name. Must not be something they offer anymore. Yes you can get a logo, maybe one just as good as any that a full timer would do. Maybe your nephew does do social but you don’t know what you don’t know. People will follow your page or come to your business. I assume you had a good idea or you wouldn’t have opened up. But are you prepared for when the honeymoon likes disappear? Do you want to get to 10,000 likes in a year or in five? My friend changes oil does that mean i should have him change my alternator? What’s a quick fix worth to you. You’re not paying for the product. You pay for what it will return. You’re not paying for my services. You pay for my experience, a degree, countless hours of continued education and experience. Yes, there are people cheaper than me but there are also people cheaper than you.

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